Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bad Date / Great Story

So I realize that not all of you may follow me on Facebook (you should) or on Twitter, (again, you totally should!) but for anyone who just happens to stumble across this page in the Blogosphere, I will be performing live on stage TONIGHT - Friday, November 30th at Solas in NYC's Lower East Side. Show starts at 7 pm and tickets are $5 at the door.

It's stand-up meets storytelling meets my real life and there will be some other incredibly awesome people there telling their awful dating stories too! See? You're not alone in this crazy singles world. Other people date guys who throw up and try to kiss them too, I promise. Actually, I sincerely hope that hasn't happened to anyone besides me. It was just too terrible.

But plenty of other girls have heard their dates say they moved to China (insert any other far away destination here) or that the guys were separated from their wives (read: still married and probably living together. In fact, she's likely only away for the weekend) or that they've been stood up at the last minute by someone they really thought liked them (although if you met online, that "person" might not even exist in real life, so don't be *too* disappointed, ok?)

Fact of the matter is, dating is sad, it's pathetic, it's hopeless, and it's funny as hell. So come see me and some other really awesome people in Bad Date / Great Story. Links with info are attached. Can't wait to meet you all out for a drink afterwards. Please come say hello <3 p="p">
Thanks y'all, and wish me luck!


Bad Date / Great Story

Solas, NYC