Friday, January 15, 2010

Date #1

So it's been a while (yes, I know WAY too long) since y'all have gotten an update from me. And I must apologize for not "giving the people what they want" as one follower said. These messages are especially for the working mom who is "totally addicted to this blog" and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your devotion and kindness. I can only attempt to live up to your praise. So here goes...

First of all, I put the project on *pause* because as a certain friend cautioned me "What happens if you meet Number 5 and he's The One???" As it turns out, I had been thinking that Train Guy / Phonophobia could, in fact, be The One. How is this possible? Well, despite the self-proclaimed largeness of his head and his death fear of telecommunications, he makes me laugh harder than anyone ever has before. And I'm in improv comedy. This guy has had me in stitches from Day One. And according to a recent poll on Facebook (the source of all my news) 63% of women say they fell for their man not at first sight (7%) and not on the first kiss (30%) but the first time he made them laugh. Just goes to show, looks will fade, sex drive diminishes but we all want a partner who keeps us giggling like little school girls!

Anywho, we finally make a date to meet up for casual Italian and I think of Ciao Baby. Those of us on Long Island know that if you want family sized portions and Sinatra music, Ciao Baby is the place to go. Well, thank God I called ahead because apparently the Ciao Baby in Commack had fire and burnt down. This? This is my luck! Plan B involved Emilio's in Commack on Jericho Turnpike and I have to say, we couldn't have picked a better place. My dearest friend at work recommended it and I made her "Thank You" cookies cause the food was awesome, the ambiance was just what we needed, the waitress was friendly yet unobtrusive... we had an all around great time. It was the perfect start to our perfect first date. 

When dessert rolled around, I did the girl thing and asked if he wanted to share a few bites of something with me (preferably with whipped cream) and he admitted to never having a cannoli. I'll say that again. He NEVER had a cannoli?!?!?!?! Well we needed to remedy that situation immediately and thus 3 mini cannoli's were ordered and eaten. The dispute actually came when I informed him that blueberries are a misnomer. They are, in fact, purple. Thus leading to one of my quirks which is that I do not eat blue M&M's because there are no natural blue foods. He decided to pursue this ridiculous train of thought by smashing open all the blueberries on the dessert plate (garnishing our cannoli's of course) with the back of his spoon to prove their "blue-ness". The insides were yellow / white but he insisted the skins were blue and we agreed to disagree. Until a better method was devised for further inspection. Like a blueberry guillotine. Don't ask me why this cracked the two of us up beyond repair. But in his words "it's not a first date until somebody says Blueberry Guillotine."

We went on to play pool. I won the first two games, he won the second two games. We called it a tie. I, because I wanted another date for a rematch, and he, because his male pride couldn't have taken any more beating so early on in the relationship. I think he was just distracted by me bending over the table to take shots. Hence, I got to win a couple of rounds!

Deciding that neither one of us wanted the night to end by 10 pm, we figured on catching a movie. The only thing playing at the time we arrived at the theatre was New Moon which he had already seen. Yes you read that correctly. But he agreed to see the Twilight saga again since I hadn't gotten to check it out yet. When I asked him "Oh, so you're *that* guy?" he replied coolly, "No, I'm the guy who gets to wrap his arm around a cute girl for 2 hours. I don't care what's on the screen." Nicely played. 

By 1 am, it had dropped down to 23 degrees and we were both freezing as we crossed the parking lot to our cars. Letting them run for a few minutes allowed us to cuddle in the "do we / don't we" pre-kiss stage of the date. Well, we did and I had to pull away first. He must have thought he'd done something wrong or had garlic breath but I had to get out of there. In that kiss, my heart melted, my stomach dropped and I felt the first flutters of "You're gonna fall for him HARD. Get out before you get hurt." So I jumped in my car, raced home and kicked my own ass for not lingering another minute or two. It had been the perfect evening. The perfect kiss. I was terrified...

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  1. FINALLY!!!! I was missing my cup of coffee!!! ((HUGS)))