Friday, January 15, 2010

Slow Down

Sadly, those 2 dates are all I have to go on now besides multiple chat conversations and a handful of text messages. Train guy has said he likes me more than he thought he could like anyone new. He invited me to dinner with his family on his birthday. He invited me out for drinks with his friends cause he is so excited for them to meet me. He's excited to double date with my couple friends. He wants to watch football with my dad and eat my mom's dinner I'm always raving about. He says that people at work look at him "like they look at someone when they know they're smitten." He mentioned his family cruise in July, you know, just in case we're still going out then and I might like to come. He agreed to accompany me to a wedding in August. And then he told me we need to slow down. 

Slow down? We've been on 2 dates! How much slower can we go???

And so that's where we are. At a dead stop. 

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