Saturday, December 12, 2009


Train guy has turned out to be even more interesting and more confusing than I could've imagined. He texts me during the day, signs in to chat with me at night and despite all this modern technology, makes me feel special and keeps me laughing all the time. But the never calling on the phone thing is weird. When consulting a highly trained group of professionals about the situation (read: my friends) they convince me he is married with children. Or in the witness protection program. Or gay. "Think about it. He can't answer the phone EVER. Because his wife is in the next room. Or you'll hear his kids in the background. Or the secret servicemen worry that you'll track down his actual location. Or he's gay." 

Of course, I call him. And of course he doesn't pick up. But he does call back in 2 minutes. I know, shock of all shocks! The worst part is, he sounds FINE! Tells me he's not married, not gay, has no children and cannot disclose whether or not he may be enlisted in the witness protection program as "they might be listening." Again, I'm laughing at the silliness of the whole thing when he tells me he feels like he's "going to hurl" and has to hang up. Phones make him nervous enough to puke! 

So I ask you, would you, could you, date someone that you couldn't speak to on the phone? Or is this just the tip of the crazy iceberg?

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