Thursday, December 3, 2009


Here's a winner for you...

An email exchange with "promising" cup delved into discussions about our mutual love of cooking and baking. We traded kitchen favorites. He asked what my secrets were to delicious cookies, brownies, etc. I said a little bit of vanilla and cinnamon (yes, even in chocolate chip cookies) really enhances the flavor. He then went off on a tyrade about how vanilla hasn't been a secret for centuries. "Even Republicans are using it now." I jokingly said that if Republicans were using it, I would stop immediately. He wrote back with the longest political rant I've ever seen including but not limited to: "People our age are all stupid when it comes to politics, nobody knows what's really going on." "You know your opinion doesn't matter, right?" "What is it with women and Obama?" 

Sadly, we will NOT be meeting for cookies and coffee in the near future. I intend in altering my recipes from now on... for both brownies and men.

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