Monday, March 29, 2010

Wide Hips

"Wow!" I turn around. "Wow!" again. "Wow what?" I ask. "This is very forward of me, but I think you're gorgeous." (Well, duh!!!) He chats along and I discover he's an architect, has got a house in Connecticut and loves spending his free time doing water sports. Ok, I can work with that... then he delves into how natural a beauty I am and how he's looking for a woman with good core values and a sense of family. Interesting start.

The conversation quickly takes a turn into Weirdsville when he "compliments" my wide hips. Excuse me? "I know this is not typical, most guys are looking for skinny, stick figure models, but you're nothing like that. I love a woman with curves. Wide hips, big ass. I think you're just perfect."

Ok, Pause!!! I have blue / green eyes with bright yellow centers. He didn't notice that. I have long, thick blonde hair my stylist wants to kill me for. He didn't notice that. I'm 5'9 which is pretty tall for a girl but he didn't say anything about that. My hips??? My wide child-bearing hips??? This is what he chose to "compliment" me on???

He stared at me, mouth open, as I walked away without saying another word.

I am not now, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be a size 2. And I'm ok with that. More than ok. I'm happy with my size, shape and figure. I love that I more closely resemble the Renaissance painting women than the emaciated fashion icons we have today. I am by no means a candidate for the Biggest Loser, nor America's Next Top Model. There is a comfortable medium between these two extremes and that is the category I fall into. Normal woman.

But menfolk, just so you know... "wide hips" is still not taken as a compliment.