Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Nice 2 meet u! Im MATTHEW, from woodbridge,nj. Im single, no kids. I enjoy goin 2 clubs, a big sports fan,
and just chillin with my friends.
Im 6'4 195lbs. brown hair, athletic built. !!!!!!BIG in da PANTS!!!!!!!
Got more pics if u want 2 c?
What do i wanna do? What ever my QUEEN wants 2 do!!!!!
I like listening 2 hip hop music and just chillin with my friends, da gym, goin to da beach
Im a Warehouse, forklift operator

How u doin? I read your profile, and im interested in getting 2 know u better. Also u seem like a nice gurl. Text me anytime, if u want.

Oh no, ladiez!!! He didn't include his phone number!!! How can I text him??? I can't let this one get away!!!

Will someone please just shoot me now??? Seriously. This is painful.


Copyright Kimberly Spice 2010


  1. but he's "Big in da pants!" LMAO

    I originally read that as "in da big pants" and thought well, that's good, no more pull ups for him!