Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Suit and Sneakers

There's something so seductive about a man in a suit jacket. Jason rocks a suit jacket with jeans and sneakers like nobody else I've seen. It's simply his style to blend casual and formal in the same outfit, with a cheeky bucking of traditional loafers for his lace up kicks. His clothing reflects his personality: professional grown up businessman meets rebellious teenager who never quite outgrew his disdain for authority. If you asked him, Jason would describe "what normal people do" and quickly follow that up with "and that's why I don't want to be normal."

His penchant for the slightly odd is one of the things that draws me nearest to him. I like a man who is just a little weird, and I'm a little weird, and we are totally happy being a little weird together.

Our quirkiness does not preclude us from going out to fancy restaurants and ordering off the adult menu, as happened on our fourth date. Jason took me to a boutique French bistro where he ordered red wine and mussels. I had chardonnay and french onion soup. We shared pistachio crusted sea scallops and black truffle mac n cheese. The meal was superb but for most of it, we were grateful for the breaks between courses where we could hold hands across the table and simply get lost in another amazing evening together.

Between the wine and candlelight and music playing, the atmosphere was perfect for romance. The elegance of my cranberry wrap dress was not lost on him either. Jason didn't take his eyes off me throughout the evening, which I take as a very good sign. So many dates I've been on, the guy is looking around at the waitstaff, the other patrons, or heaven help me, the big screen television playing his favorite sport at the bar behind my head. Jason is a fully focused, absolutely attentive, gentleman of a date. We closed the restaurant down as the last patrons in the place but I would've stayed longer if I could have. I was beginning to get the feeling that I was an incredibly lucky girl to be sitting across from such a sweet, suave, sincere man at dinner.

As he had on our previous dates, Jason walked me to my car door but held it open for a moment longer than it took me to get in. While I turned on the ignition to let it warm up, he grabbed me around the waist, spun me back around, and kissed me with such intensity that I lost my footing for a second. My knees went weak as I lost myself in that kiss, pressed between my freezing cold car, and his huge, warm body. Jason towers over me, making me feel like a tiny little person, a sensation I am by no means used to. He also makes me feel like the most sensual, beautiful, sexy girl in the whole world. His kiss is at once romantic yet respectful. He wants me. I can feel how badly he wants me. But he wants me on my terms, in my own time. He says good night and I slide into the driver's seat, still unsteady and unsure. My head is spinning like Alice as she fell down the rabbit hole, not knowing which way was up. He asks me to text him when I get home safely and watches me pull out of the parking lot, like he's done on all our dates before. Jason cares about me. He wants to protect me. He is quickly stealing my heart and I only hope he returns it in one piece.

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