Saturday, June 19, 2010

Do Not Discuss

I am, by nature, an inquisitive person. I ask a lot of questions, really thoughtful ones, so that I can better get to know the people in my life. The bigger things in life might make up the majority of who we are but I believe that the little details, the smallest, seemingly insignificant minutiae truly define us. As dating is essentially the process of getting to know someone to determine whether or not you want to spend more time with them, I like to dig in a little deeper right away. I'm not chipping away at the surface for days on end anymore. It's time to start digging for nuggets of gold right off the proverbial bat.

Big mistake. HUGE mistake.

I manage to get myself a lecture on the things one must never discuss. That which shall not be named. The Voldemort of dating, if you will. What are these forbidden topics, you ask? Religion, politics, money and sex. Can't talk about them. Ever. With anyone. It's rude, crass, unseemly and disconcerting for everyone involved.

Wait a minute, what?!?! So what are we allowed to talk about? Music? Yes. Movies? Yes. TV? Yes. (As long as they are not controversial songs / shows.) Family? No. One must never discuss family with anyone who is not actually family. Education? No, for those who have it wouldn't want to make anyone who doesn't uncomfortable in their own skin and those who don't have it wouldn't want to make the educated feel guilty about their knowledge or success. What the hell is left??? Road works?!?!

Seriously, have we somehow devolved back to Victorian England where the only polite topic of conversation is the weather? Women were suppressed into marrying men after several conversations revolving around wind storms and sun beams, not knowing any real facts about them at all. I believe that Jane Austen would be (for lack of a better term) royally pissed off if she knew that this social atrocity had come full circle around.

Forgive me, but I believe that Miss Austen (who never married btw) and I would agree on this one thing: it is impossible to love a man when all you know about him is that he thinks it will rain on Thursday.

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