Friday, June 25, 2010

Wurd fur Wurd

Here is an update for all of you following the ridiculousness that is TheHotman28. Here is the actual transcript of our emails back and forth. If ANYONE can make sense of a single thing he says, please, please translate it for me because I am completely and utterly lost.

*Sidenote to the reader* I know that I'm not technically meeting this one in person as he makes me fear for my life, however to any purists who claim that this encounter does not qualify as a cup I say this: He makes my brain hurt enough that I'm granting a handicap to myself. It counts, people. Get over it.

From the beginning:

how are you doing l'm latin and italian from nyc ny l'm 6'2 tall man 200lb what l do l'm executive marketing manager on wall street manhattan if you interested into a great deeply conversation without hesitation you can sent me a email

well in the first date get to know the person to know the acts & actions and how the person exspress and for her to get to know me also and feel secure and comfortable in the palms in the beach & and take trips to check the city to get in on the boat to check the statue liberty l think its what ever she into and what ever the men is into have to be a agreement between each one is all depend just agree and the terms and conditions otherwise 50%50

Thank you for the messages but I'm not interested. Have a great day :-)

why not interested you the only one that have say that like that l swear

Absolutely nothing you say makes any sense whatsoever. Your entire profile is practically unreadable. Not only are you grammatically incorrect, but completely incoherent. I can't even respond to your message because it's hardly recognizable as English. But I still hope you have a great day :-)

l will never in my life going be you enemy you came at me hard like if l did something like if l was you enemy you such a bad woman and rude don't blame me whoaaoo is like that ok you have a great day too kisses and hugs anyway thanxs for not gave me the chance to get to knew you mmmuua

Thank you for further proving my point. Seriously,'s called punctuation. Try it sometime.

PS: ***Wall Street marketing executive MY ASS!!!***

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