Sunday, June 20, 2010

Word for Word

Can someone please translate this for me??? I don't speak stupid.

how are you doing l'm latin and italian from nyc ny l'm 6'2 tall man 200lb what l do l'm executive marketing manager wall street manhattan if you interested into a great deeply conversation without hesitation you can sent me a email

well in the first date get to know the person to know the acts and how the person exspress and for her to get to know me also and feel secure and comfortable in the palms in the beach & and and take trips to check the city to get in on the boat to check the stautue liberty l think its what ever she into also cus she probably don't like the places and for not make me feel bad say yes yes otherwise 50%50


  1. Sorry, I don't speak stupid either! OMG

  2. *scratches head*