Monday, November 22, 2010

And Get Over It

What is it with me and crossing bridges to date these men???

My day begins as any other. I take the train into Manhattan, except that this time, I don't get off at Penn Station and walk. Instead, I take the A train down to Brooklyn and get off at the huge signing saying "Exit Here for the Brooklyn Bridge!" Guess they got tired of tourists getting lost...

Anywho, I am well prepared for the walk today as I'm sporting my sparkly white Shape-Ups and comfy clothes. Am casually sexy in a wide-belted button down over tank top with jeans and lots of jewelry. I figure if I'm gonna meet my death on the Brooklyn Bridge, I'm going to look good doing it! He scoops me up in the park before the entrance to the bridge and senses my mixture of excitement and sheer terror. I know that I said I was looking forward to this moment but I might've bitten off more than I can chew! Seeing the expansive structure above us, I worry what I've gotten myself into. But my date assures me that I'll be fine, it's completely safe up there, and he'll hold my hand if I get scared.

Ok, now I'm definitely in!!!

I stop to take a couple of photos along the way which, incidentally, is really hard because there are like a million other people doing the same thing! Excuse me, but do they not know that this is my shining moment?!?! Rude...

We climb what I think is less than a dozen stairs and are deposited onto an easy looking concrete ramp. There are people walking, jogging, riding their bikes, pushing strollers and we pass three - yes THREE - separate wedding parties taking newlywed photos with the gorgeous view of Manhattan at sunset in the background. The romance is overwhelming. Yet I cannot help but think to myself: If I were married for less than an hour, is this where I'd want to go to get the bottom of my dress all dirty? I think not. But maybe it's special to these couples so my date and I comment on their outfits, their limos, and the hideous dresses in one party. Hot pink and grey strapless striped mini skirts? Well that's one bridezilla who hates her girlfriends! PS: The 80's called. They want their prom back!

We make it to the halfway point of the bridge with only one close call. I almost became road kill when I accidentally walked into the bike lane and nearly caused a pile up of seismic proportions. I did not see the clearly delineated border between the area for those who walk and that for those who ride. Let's just say I shall not be crossing that line again in the future. My date shall also know better than to ever let go of my hand again!

He takes several photos of me with cool skyscrapers in the background because let's face it, no one would believe I did this without proof. We keep trying to take a good one of ourselves but wind up getting more concrete than face in the pictures. He gets in an awesome shot looking straight up at the steel cables which I try to reproduce and get massively dizzy. Bad idea, so we grab a bench and watch the world go by for a while before standing up again. As we near the end of the bridge, I look back and realize the magnitude of what I just did. I know that millions of people cross this bridge every day but for me, it's something I've always been scared of, too afraid to do. This date, in fact this whole project has helped me get over fears that have been holding me back my entire life. Of course it helps to have someone holding your hand the whole time...

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge - awesome

Crossing one more thing off my bucket list - priceless


  1. YAY!!!! Good for you woman! I have never even seen the Brooklyn Bridge so you can add that to my tour of NY when I come to visit you! I want to see the pictures!

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