Sunday, July 18, 2010

He's History

Alright, many of you have been asking about the last few entries. I know that they're not my usual style (and by that, I mean mushy / romantic / optimistic.) I got a little sappy about The Jew from Brooklyn and The Historian --- yes, they are the same guy. He is also Red Mango food poisoning guy and further still, the man who blocked my phone calls and emails for no apparent reason. As you are all asking for closure, I'll tell you what happened and then I shall speak of it no more.

He apologized. He begged. He pleaded. He groveled. He promised he'd do better. He felt awful. He showed remorse. He swore never to over react again. He ensured me that we'd talk any and every time he felt insecure in the future if only I'd give him the chance. He told me he'd spend the rest of his life making it up to me if I'd let him. (We have noticed that he's got a flair for the dramatic, yes???)

I spoke to many of you and my friends at home asking if you all thought he deserved a second shot at a relationship. Not just a cup. Not just a date. But something real, deeper, more meaningful than all the brave souls who came before him. If he ought to have the possibility of becoming someone significant in my life.

I got the following responses:

"It's really early on in the 'relationship' for him to be fucking up like this. Seems like a tale of what's to come."

"Give the poor bastard another chance. He obviously just got scared off because he likes you so much."

"I say kick him to the curb. He doesn't deserve a second shot at making you happy. He's already made you miserable after one lousy week."

"If you're this upset about fighting with him, he must be really special. Take some time to heal from the hurt, then forgive him and move on."

"I don't think that any guy who makes you cry after a month of talking is worth keeping around to see what further damage he can do."

"Sweet pea, you've already told us his name. I think that means you like him. Maybe take a step back and just 'date' casually for a little bit before getting in too deep again. But ultimately, he's man enough to admit he made a big mistake. That says a lot about his character."

"Men are stupid. Nuff said."

For this completely conflicting and utterly unhelpful advice, I thank you all. However, ultimately I decided that we did, in fact, share a rare bond that should be explored further and that everyone makes mistakes. I wanted to be the one who graciously accepted an apology and doled out forgiveness by the bucketload.

Do unto others, right?

Wrong. Within 24 hours he'd gone completely cold again. I called to ask if we were meeting on the day and time we'd chosen to talk in person and he didn't answer. Texted me with the harsh reply "I think I'll pass but thanks anyway. Good luck with everything."

Excuse me?!?!

My response: Wow, I guess I was right about you being a coward. I can't believe I wasted so much time on you. Thanks for letting me know you're not worth it.

In case you're wondering, I'm totally over it. Plenty of Fish in the Sea, right?

OK, we go again!!!


  1. Wow. Can you say Bi-Polar? I applaud you for giving the second chance...since that is what my advice was lol :) BUT DAMN! Maybe you should send him some business cards for counseling...that is just my professional opinion. ;)

  2. Wow I'm only thirteen but I think this blog is really great