Saturday, September 18, 2010

100 Cups of Coffee Contest

Alright folks, here's the deal! I believe in real life, honest, word of mouth advertising. The contagious spread of publicity from one person to another. Hopefully, you like what you're reading so far thus I decided to start a contest. There are three ways to win...

1) Share this link with others. Whether you post it to your Facebook page, Twitter it out, or suggest me to friends in person, I appreciate each and every new reader I get. Everyone who shares me with a friend will receive special acknowledgements once this project goes to print. The goal at the end of this would be for 100 Cups of Coffee to become a book. If you'd like to see your name in that book under the title THANK YOU, please share the blog with your friends!!!

2) Leave a comment. I ADORE feedback. I want to know what you think about each and every date I've been on. Your thoughts on all the guys I've dated, crazy situations I've been in, and on dating / relationships in general. You can post a comment on the blog site, on my facebook page or send me a message at Every time you do one of these things, your name will be entered to win a beautiful piece of jewelry, valued up to $100. Just for dropping me a note. Certainly worth putting your two cents in, yes?

3) Last but not least, I'm tired of the online game but I still need more men to date! Perhaps you have a guy that you just can't figure out why he's single. This man is wonderful and deserves a girlfriend. You can set me up with him. Alternatively, perhaps there is a man you know who's never even been out with a woman before. He's romantically challenged and certain to be a complete disaster in public. Feel free to also set me up with him. Everyone who suggests a guy for me to date (once that date happens) will be eligible to win an evening with the author (yours truly) at one of the locations mentioned on this blog! The martini bar, the chocolate restaurant, the museum, the park, the theatre... you name it and it's yours. My treat.

*Note: While I am willing to travel to meet these men, please be within a 4 hour radius of Metro New York. If you want me to come to another state or foreign country, you must be willing to put me up somewhere really cool :-)*

So that's the challenge, sweet readers. Share me with your friends, leave your comments behind, and find me guys worth going out with. I appreciate all of your assistance, your support, your encouragement and your love. The kindness of everyone who's been there for me throughout this project is overwhelming and I cannot thank you enough. But I'll try anyway. THANK YOU!!!

~Kimberly Spice


  1. I just found your blog today- and I just read the whole thing from beginning to this update! You are amazing!

  2. I just found your blog and love it. I wish I could find where you have what YOU are looking for. I have one or two guy friends, but I dont know what you want.

    Good luck. This dating thing sucks. I had a date once where I had to fake an asthma attack to get out, the date was THAT bad.

    But hang in there. I JUST turned 40 and got married about a year ago. I waited for the right guy. I never settled and not im really happy. Cant tell you how much im enjoying your blog.