Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Second Date

A week has passed. We have been on the phone every single day since our last date with (unfortunately) no time to get together in person since then. Each call lasts an hour to an hour and a half. We could probably talk for longer if schedules and sleeping didn't get in the way. Every conversation is easy, fun, full of those little life details that make up who a person is coupled with lots of laughing and some serious stuff. It's this great balance of getting to know you meets feels like I've known you forever.

Wednesday rolls around and we schedule yet another night of improv shows. He loved the one we saw last week, so this time, we're going to stay for two and then hit the chocolate and wine bar on 31st. He texted me in the afternoon to let me know that he already made a reservation so we are guaranteed a spot for dinner following the performances. This time when we sit down in the theatre, he holds my hand for the entire hour. He leans in closer to my seat and gently places his fingers through mine, touches my arm, grazes my leg, manages to very gently find some way to be in contact with me...I'm in heaven. I'm such an affectionate person and so far, throughout this dating process, I haven't found too many guys that I could express that with. Either we didn't date long enough for it to get to that place or I just wasn't comfortable / feeling the spark / sensing the chemistry etc. Michael is different. He's so laid back that it equals out my high energy. We seem to have the same sense of where this is going (somewhere really good) and are just enjoying each other's company. I find myself in a constant state of disbelief that we haven't been dating for months already. It's all so natural.

After two shows filled with non-stop laughter, we walk the few blocks up and over to the restaurant. He laces his hand lightly through mine and I get all tingly. My stomach feels like it's filled with a million bubbles and I don't think I walk on my feet on any of those city blocks. I'm pretty sure that I float. I'm lighter than air, just drifting through midtown Manhattan on a cloud. Must be Cloud 9!!!

Once seated in a romantic candlelit booth at a table fluttered with rose petals, we flip open our menus and he immediately suggest sharing some dishes. *Note to the reader: I love sharing dishes. It means that I get to taste a little bit of everything without feeling guilty about stealing someone else's food!* He also says that since I picked the place, I can pick the courses. Order whatever I want. Wow. Ok. Now I'm happy. Because the only better than a great meal is sharing it with a really cute boy sitting across the table from you! Oh, and chocolate martinis...those make everything yummier!

Our order (straight off the website) looked like this:

Wild Mushroom Pita Tart w/ Fresh Mozzarella, arugula, truffle drizzle and shaved parmigiano

Prosciutto Di Parma w/ Manchego cheese, mission figs & organic butter

Atlantic Smoked Salmon w/ Non - fat cream cheese, red cabbage, olives, chive & tarragon

Italian Fruta Mista w/ Fresh mozzarella, organic mesclun, strawberries, sweet mango and balsamic vinaigrette

Twenty-Layer Crêpes Cake Brûlée with Chantilly Cream


Served with a Hazelnut Truffle by Jacques Torres

Peppermint Chocolate Martini

Raspberry Chocolate Martini

As I'm sure you've gathered by now, our meal was exceptionally delicious. While I relished every bite of my food, I couldn't take my eyes off of my date. He was all that mattered in that moment.

After two hours of shows and two hours of eating, this night was competing for most time spent on a second date. But he wasn't ready to give me up and let me get on a train home that easily. So as we walked back towards Penn, he suggested grabbing just one more drink at a quiet bar along the way. Equally hesitant to let the evening end, I agreed and we slipped into this dark, mahogany wine cellar on 7th. The music was not too loud and the bartender was not too attentive, aspects I truly appreciated when all I wanted was to get lost in my partner. We sat on bar stools with our knees touching and every so often, he'd rest a hand on my thigh which sent shivers straight through me. He ordered a tall, pale beer and I ordered a French Kiss Martini. He smiled when I told him what I wanted and asked if I liked a good French kiss. I almost fell off my chair. This volunteer firefighter / EMT / Eagle Scout had the sweet, subtle, sexiness about him that I craved. He wasn't overt in his seduction. It was always understated and perfectly played. I needed more!

I paid for the drinks (he picked up the tab for dinner after all) and he offered to leave the tip, which I refused. He'd been so considerate, kind and generous that I was starting to feel unworthy of how much he wanted to take care of me. All I could think about was how long it had been since a man had been honestly, genuinely and truly nice to me. Far, far too long. I was so reluctant to let anyone be this good to me because I was certain it would lead to only one thing in the end: absolute heartbreak. But Michael wasn't interested in breaking my heart. He just liked spending time with me, taking me out, treating me well, laughing at my stories, sharing bits and pieces of his history with me and slowly lingering over good night kisses at the train station. Yes, it's true. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

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  1. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So happy for you girl! (PS you can add that place you ate at on 31st to the list of places you are going to take me when I visit NYC for your book signing). :)