Monday, May 3, 2010

Poor form

hi there i was just passing your page it caught my eye so i figured i would message you.well if you wanna chat feel free to write back

Thanks for writing. Cute pics. So you're going to school to be a phys ed teacher? I taught pre-school for 5 years. Finishing up my Master's now. Tough market out there. School ends soon. Big plans for the summer?


ahh ill wrk a summer camp and party at night .wowo preschool istough alot of patince needed so what do u now that u dont teach any more.thanks for the cute pics comnet you have a few cute ones your self waht brings u to this fun site

I have the patience of a saint when it comes to children because they're just learning how to do everything. Adults, not so much, cause they really oughtta know better.

I used to work at summer camp every year. Might go back to it again this summer. If I still have the energy!!!

I've been writing full time since I stopped teaching. Story of Long Island, cut backs in every district. I'm looking for another teaching position in September, but not in any rush right now.

What brings me to this site? Being single!!! Duh :-)


lol well ithats the best quilty to have and i do agree kids are easier to work with yea singel sucks but it has its ups and down hey since this website sucks with emails would u wanna just on aim or someother way u should go to a camp its fun work

In all fairness, I gave it 3 messages back and forth so as not to make any snap judgements. But I have to wonder when it became acceptable, appropriate, nay expected that the person on the other side of the computer screen wouldn't have the slightest grasp of spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization or even how to form a coherent thought!!! I'm guessing he skipped high school English altogether because even a 4th grader will tell you that sentences are separate thoughts and usually have a period on the end. Somebody please back me up on this??? 3 strikes and you're out, right? I do NOT feel the need to torture myself any more by continuing to write to this man. Who, may I just add, never even bothered to sign his name...I'm sorry but that's just poor form.

Does anyone else think he was drunk when he wrote this? Cause he seems to be slurring his text...

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  1. That hurt my brain. I give you credit for the three tries. NEXT!