Monday, May 10, 2010

A Ride in the Batmobile

Camaro guy asked me out for a second date, and it's the first time I'm really looking forward to seeing someone again. Among the stacks of losers I've spoken to these past few months, he seems like a regular guy. He asks if I like Italian food and of course, the answer is yes. I mean, who doesn't love a meal covered in sauce and cheese, right?

He directs me to a "family owned" pizzeria with seating in the back. It's not quite the chain restaurant that the previous pizza date brought me to, but it's also not "real" Italian food. Somewhere in between. Not offensive, not delicious. Just kinda there.

He tells me that he used to get the Chicken Marsala every time (this place is just a few blocks away from his house) but has recently discovered Chicken Francaise. I'm sorry, you're 33 years old and you JUST discovered chicken with yummy lemon sauce? What rock have you been hiding under? Seriously, these men astound me. I'm not so snobby as to think everyone is a culinary expert but Chicken Francaise is kind of an elementary dish, don't you think? Like, anyone who's ever been to a wedding or a buffet of any kind could tell you what it is. Still, we split mozzarella sticks for an appetizer (which are still slightly frozen in the middle) and each order the chicken; mine with pasta, his without. Who passes up pasta?

*Note to self: must stop judging men based on their food choices. Although he has an even more Italian last name than I do so this is really confusing!*

The conversation turns to family and I ask about his parents and siblings. His parents are divorced so he has 1 sister and 3 stepsisters. Here's the twist (I knew there'd be one): His dad married his aunt which makes her his stepmom, so his stepsisters are actually his cousins on his mother's side. Um, excuse me? This is a little too reminiscent of I Am My Own Grandpa...

Then, because his mixed-up family wasn't weird enough, we somehow get onto the topic of dentists. Yes, I swear, he brings up dental hygiene and we discuss braces, cavities and fillings for a solid 10 minutes. I'm still hanging on his every word because I do think he's cute and even the redneck family tree and teeth talk haven't deterred me from making this second date work.

Finally, we both finish eating and are headed to the movies. We picked Date Night to see because A) it's appropriate B) it's not a chick flick (which he hates) and C) it's not a sci-fi action cartoon (which I hate). Then he suggests we take one car instead of two and asks if I'd like him to drive. Me? Go for a ride in a 2010 Camaro? Um, let me think about that... YES!!!

Can I just tell you that this beats the pants off my mini mom van! It is so low to the ground, I feel like my ass might just rub up against the pavement at any minute. It's fast but he's a careful driver, which makes me feel really comfortable. I don't usually let anyone else drive me places (some might say I have control issues) especially this early on knowing someone. But this is the Batmobile we're talking about. I feel like a rock star the entire drive up the Meadowbrook Parkway!!!

We get there and he buys the tickets, despite just having paid for dinner. I had offered to get the tickets but he insisted on treating me like a lady, opening all the doors, picking up all the checks. I'm sure it won't happen with most of the other men out there, so I'll take the princess treatment while I can. Who says chivalry is dead? I compromise with him by saying that since he bought our tickets, I'll get the popcorn. That plan is quickly squashed when he receives a Free Popcorn with ticket coupon off his rewards card! Sigh, I tried.

The movie is funny. It's a nice romance / comedy / action balance so that we're both enjoying it. But not once does he attempt to put an arm around me, snuggle me, even rest a hand on my leg. I try to cuddle up to him a little bit via the arm rest in between us but he stays put through the whole film. What's going on here? The man dropped $75 so far tonight without expecting so much as bodily contact? Hmmm...

I'm kind of disappointed but trying not to show it as we make our way out of the theatre. It is obvious that my dreams of having our first kiss in the Camaro are not going to happen tonight. He drives us back to my car through the rain and the dark and I'm wondering what the hell went wrong? I'm wearing my tightest jeans, my cutest sweater, my most delicious perfume, I made an effort with make up and thought I was sending all the right signals out there. Ah well, I guess this is the end of the road, Jack.

You can imagine my surprise when I get a text on the way home asking when we can have a 3rd date...

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