Sunday, May 2, 2010


He's probably the best looking guy I've spoken to online so far. But as we've already learned, pictures can be deceiving. So I Facebook him, just in case. Nope, looks good there too. Ok, here we go.

I am driving on ______ Avenue about to turn onto ______ Road when I notice a hot car in front of me. I might be a girl, but even I can tell that a Camaro is sexy as hell. He pulls into the coffee shop parking lot and I have a brief flash of hope. There's no way that's my date, right? I'm not that lucky. Good looking guy in an expensive car... it's not even possible. Or is it?

So I text him from the parking lot "I just pulled in." He replies almost instantly "Me too." I get out of my car and there he is, opening the door to the 2010 blue date! Giddy as a school girl doesn't even begin to cover it.

He hugs me hello and tells me I look just like my pictures which he promises is a compliment. We grab comfy leather arm chairs by the window and order drinks at the counter. Not wanting to appear overly optimistic, I don't want to order a large. Not wanting to appear cynical, I don't want to order a small. So I ask the barista by what name they call a medium. He laughs out loud and says he's really glad I'm not pretentious. He usually gets his coffee at 7-11 because he doesn't speak the mixture of French / Italian / Jibberish that people order their coffees by nowadays. He just likes his coffee to be coffee. Relief! I take out my wallet to pay but he insists on getting the drinks. "I don't have enough opportunities to spend my money on a beautiful woman." Ok by me!!!

Two hours go by and the conversation is non-stop. Turns out we went to the same high school, except he was class of '95 and I was class of '98. I tease him about being a Senior dating a Freshman which he finds hysterical. Ah, the good old days when all it took was a note stuck in a locker to go out with or break up with a person. When you were considered a couple if anyone caught you holding hands in the hallway. We chat about teachers, principals, sports, shows, anything and everything we can think of to do with our high school days. He makes me laugh and I can't help but thinking "this is the first guy I've wanted to kiss in a really, really long time." Good sign, right?

We finally get up to go and another delicious hug ensues, the kind that lingers for just a moment longer than I'd thought it would. Being a gentleman though, he bids me good night and says we'll talk soon. Sigh... anything worth having is worth waiting for. But I can't wait for the second date!!!

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