Thursday, April 29, 2010

Will he call???

I must have gotten brazen in my old age because I'm meeting people everywhere. Online sites, through friends, book stores, the park, the beach, bars, and as of yesterday, the supermarket.

There's an urban myth that you meet the best men in the produce section. Feign helplessness over choosing bananas or pretend not to know if a melon is ripe and poof, your dream dude will just show up! Right there amongst the fruits and vegetables. Just be careful, ladies. If a guy has a basket full of Hungry Man dinners in the frozen foods section, ask him out. He's in dire need of a home-cooked meal anyway. But if he's got a cart and a list, chances are his wife sent him out to to the food shopping while she takes the kids to soccer practice. He's off limits. Trust me.

Still, this was the most unconventional meeting to date. I was in my favorite organic grocery store, the cool kind with odd foods of every sort. It's where the staff wears Hawaiian print shirts and the entire place feels like a tropical island or a pirate ship. Who wouldn't want to shop there? I get up to the checkout counter where a pleasant older man is making polite conversation to the middle-aged lady ahead of me. He asks if she's making dinner tonight. She replies that she is doing the shopping, her husband is doing the cooking. He jokes that all the pretty girls are married. I chime in that not all of us are married, some of us know better!

We make small talk and he inquires what I do (while ringing up my Rice Pudding and free-range eggs). I tell him I'm a writer. He asks where my writing has been featured. I mention the blog, the radio show, and that a television producer is interested in making this project into a series when it's complete. Like a PG version of Sex & the City. He tells me his son is in television on a show I know you've all heard of. The kind where where he makes $100,000 a year (something I can only DREAM of.) I ask how old his son is. He replies 28. Me too!!! (Ok, I've been 29 for about a week, but it hasn't sunk in yet!!!) I ask if his son is single. He says yes. He asks where I live. I tell him the town and he says his family lives there too. This is too weird. Neither of us went to the public school in town, we attended separate private schools in the area. Turns out I was in theatre with his best friend circa 1998... the evidence is mounting. I must meet this mystery son of his.

So I do the only thing I can think of. With my brightest smile, I pull out a calling card and hand it to the man asking him to please have his son call me.

So who thinks he actually will???

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