Monday, April 26, 2010

Slow Talker

He might be the world's slowest talker. That's all I can think the whole time we're on the phone. I have a bright, bubbly, energetic personality and he's sooooo slow I literally want to start pulling my own hair out. The emails were fine. Not incredibly exciting, but fine. Yet this phone call feels like it's lasted an eternity and it's only been 20 minutes!!!!! I promised myself that I'd devote a half hour to our conversation, same as I would a regular date. But only 2/3 in and I want to scream and run away! He's ridiculously boring. No matter what I say, he barely responds. And when he does respond, it's off on some tangent that has nothing to do with my original statement. It got to the point (and please forgive me for this) that I put him on speaker and made my poor mother listen. About 30 seconds later, she was saying "hang up, end call, buh-bye." My mom has the patience of a saint and she wanted to shoot herself rather than listen to this moron start every single sentence with "Um," "I don't know," and "Crazy, right?"

Oh you're crazy alright.

I survived 29 minutes (my phone was counting) before telling him I had to go clean up the kitchen before bed. He asked if he could call me again tomorrow. I pretended I didn't hear it and said good night. The next day, I sent a simple email thanking him for being interested but I didn't feel we had chemistry over the phone and wishing him best of luck in the future.

He wrote back "Thank you for not leading me on. I dont really understand how women work or how you can decide on chemistry with a quick phone call. We live too far away anyways, your doing me a favor in the end."

I'm doing myself the favor. Trust me.

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  1. I HATE THAT! It's cause we're from the north, we talk fast. lol Love the new layout by the way :)