Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Living situation

Who doesn't adore a man with a guitar? You have to be halfway heartless not to fall for a musician, especially a cute one with long, floppy hair and sexy jeans up on stage... The very thought makes me melt. I've got a track record of falling for any guy who could sing me to sleep. So when his profile pictures are all him playing at different venues, I practically drool on the screen. And then the weirdest thing happens. He messages me first!!!

Now, depending how much you want to believe what people say when they're hiding behind the safety of their computers, you can take this with a grain (or a whole kilo) of salt. But he tells me it's his birthday and he just got home from a night out with the guys. We start chatting and chatting and chatting... it lasts 3 hours!!! We only live a few towns apart, we're both divorced, we're the same age, love the same music, quote the same movies, enjoy the same restaurants and have so much in common that I must meet this one. Must.

On his official birthday, we get together for a casual lunch and it's as though we're old friends. The talking carries on with no pauses, no dead spaces, we make each other laugh...everything is going so well. He jokes that it feels like we've been going out forever instead of just meeting online last night. Says he hasn't been this comfortable with a woman in a long time and if it wouldn't be awkward, he'd invite me back to his place tonight.

A) Yes, that would be awkward and
B) I wouldn't go

Then he apologizes that even if we were to date for a while, I couldn't come over because his wife is still living there. I mean, his ex-wife. I mean, his wife. Wait, what just happened here?

So yeah, they're not actually, technically, legally divorced yet. And I guess that you could say that they aren't really even separated because they're still living together. In the same house. In the same room. So I ask if she was there last night when we were chatting. He says "Yes, but don't worry, she was already asleep by then."

So what you're telling me is that you're still together???

"No, no, we both know it's ending. I mean, it's over. We're just kinda roommates at this point."

Alright, I get that. I'm divorced too. But when we decided to split, he moved out. Stayed with friends for a few weeks before finding his own place, then I packed up his shit and he was gone. GONE. Haven't seem him since. You're telling me that in the past several months that you've been "split," neither one of you considered moving out? "Nah, not really, got nowhere to go. We're both comfortable where we are. We both really like our house."

Please tell me that I did the right thing by walking out and telling him to lose my number...

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