Monday, April 5, 2010

Actual Letter

So I thought I'd post an actual letter from a guy who contacted me...just so y'all can see what exactly I'm up against!!!

"hey How are you doing ? Well I hope great I am a great nice an warm guy,well from what i am told anyway lol J/K I am a real down to earth guy that knows what he wants an loves to be the one that is making someone smile an feels great. I am Sean Bye the way! I am From Bridgeport well the line of trumbull an Bridgeport anyway i am 30 yrs old I was in the army for 6yrs an now that i am out an working i am looking for a great women to spend time with. I am A Gentleman if you are looking for that. (hint hint) lol Well If you want to chat somemore write back an lets talk. good to meet you."

Shit you not. Word for word. Now who wants to find me a REAL date???

1 comment:

  1. I hate that sh*t. I even hate that in text messages. Good for you for requiring proper grammar.