Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I started talking to this guy online and he seems normal, as they all do, to start out with. He observes that we both went to the same college. We meet for a walk in the park on a cloudless afternoon and he brings up the college again. Laughs and says "not a good time for going to __________ College" referring to an ALLEGED rape case which was later completely disproven and all charges dropped. This chick had issues, let's leave it at that. Still, I must've been looking at him funny, wondering why he was even mentioning this incident when he says, "You wanna know my theory?"

Ok, I'll bite, what's your theory...

"I think that 90% of women bring rape on themselves."

Shall I give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor? I know I needed to.

The diatribe continues about short skirts, consuming alcohol and even just going to a co-ed college. It goes on and on the whole time I'm walking back to my car where I silently get in and drive away. He looks at me, dead serious and mutters "What did I say???"

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