Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thank you note

Just a conversation between a good old friend and I that I simply had to share. We were talking about how most everyone we try to date nowadays seems to be completely off their rockers. And he thanked me for writing this blog, reassuring him that men and women are equal in their insanity. For those of you who are still single (even at the ripe old age of 30) and feeling like I'm writing directly about your lives and experiences, please keep these notes coming. And for those of you who are happily (or not so happily) settled into your relationships, please feel free to adopt the smug position of superiority above those of us who are not yet coupled off. You might be reading these stories, grateful not to be in our shoes, but you know we have more fun than you 90% of the time!!!

HIM: I have to laugh at your blog. Not at you but at the fact that it is like reading my "date" stories through someone elses eyes. If there is one gift that God has given me it is the ability to choose the absolute wrong person who will no doubt be crazy, break my heart, and then stalk me.....lol

I see you have had some of the same luck. I will agree that yes, there is a difference between faith and "fire and brimstone." Yes, only a jackass would not mention that they do not eat one single thing at a chinese/japanese restaurant. No, "I like your wide hips" is not the comment to use when first meeting a woman. :-)

Definately keep writing your blog. It makes me think that I am not as crazy as I thought....lol

ME: I'm telling you, men are just as psycho as women when it comes to dating and break ups. I was listening to this radio show tonight (that my blog will hopefully be featured on in the very near future) and the guy who was hosting the show got a phone call from this "ex girlfriend" who accused him of all sorts of ridiculous things. Said he went to Wendy's one night and didn't offer to bring her anything back. Never called when she was sick (with a cold...for ONE day). Didn't take her to see The Lion King in NYC. Etc etc. Turns out, they'd been on TWO dates (read: hooked up mildly) and she went bananas. Certifiably nuts. And then was shocked when he stopped calling.

I was like, HELLO, YOU'RE CRAZY!!!

Anywho, men out there haven't got a clue what they're doing. I really miss when you could just pass a note to someone in the hallway saying "Do you like me? Check yes or no." And poof! You're going out. None of this drama, heartbreak, insanity. Maybe I'm being overly wistful here. But I really appreciate the comments about the blog. I have heard from sooooo many people that I'm writing about their lives, that they've had similar experiences. Which is why I know I have to keep writing. As much as it's torture trying to find 100 men who aren't complete and total creeps. I can only hope it'll be worth it!

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